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Achieve Goals
CFOR Economic Ecological Structure
Application Scen
  • Search

    Indexing Massive Intelligent Contract Data and Projects

  • Marketing

    Spontaneous Marketing Mechanism Based on POC Value Incentive

  • Index

    Statistics of Project Fragmentation Data as Valuable Index Report

  • Incubation

    Connecting and Helping Valuable Blockchain Projects

  • Micropayment

    Pay or buy services by individuals and communities to content producers

  • Community

    Introducing Extensible Voting Mechanisms to Develop Autonomous Communities


The CFOR project is managed by the CFOR Foundation, and its technology development is organized by the CFOR Technical Committee, which is jointly completed by the CFOR Technical Team and community developers.

  • 2018

    Found of CFOR Foundation

  • 2019.Q1

    Non-technical White Paper issued

  • 2019.Q2

    CFOR Token (CFT) issued and trading

  • 2019.Q3

    Docking terminal application, launched global partner node plan

  • 2019.Q4

    Develop more offline and online application scene

  • 2020

    Open repurchase, the main test network on-line

  • 2021

    Official Main Network on-line, Completely Implementing Terminal

  • Future

    Realizing Autonomous Blockchain Community Based on Value

Contact us

Creating an autonomous project service platform based on value incentives,Please leave your contact information,We will reply as soon as possible. Cooperative mailbox:Business@cfor.io